Data for Linkages Audience & Intent Activation & Targeting

With the highest quality and most scalable identity & intent data, has built a robust suite of products to help marketers, advertisers, agencies and brands get the maximum value out of first and third party data.


Build Targeted Identities

Build customizable, highly-targeted identities on an
individual basis by using historical patterns, real-time
behaviors, and intent signals. Deliver more relevant
advertising by targeting anonymous users, existing
customers, competitor’s consumers, and more. in Real-Time

Tracking hundreds of millions consumers, every time they open their phone or land a web page.  PID captures those behaviors in real-time and delivers the related data and insights to our customers in real-time as well. 

Identity-Based Audiences

Persistent Identity PID’s multi-factor identity product:

Persistent Identity allows the recognition and understanding of customers across channels and devices, on a cookieless basis. developed this cookieless ID solution to support the  programmatic ecosystem.  PID provides full transparency of its process and results.

CRM Enrichment connects CRM data with our graph of cookies, hashed emails and mobile ids to provide insights about each individual.


Accurate Audiences & Intent

A 360 degree understanding of your customers across
screens and devices, both online and off.

Connect audiences and intent signals to users as they journey
across devices and the online and offline worlds. provides precision and depth.

Digital Visitor Recognition

Our visitor recognition solution allows marketers & advertisers to identify email recipients when they visit the advertiser’s site on any of their devices. 

Performance Comparison

Compare and measure performance by audience and intent type, device or user to determine what has the greatest impact on driving consumers to your properties.

Cross- Channel Signals

PID accurately assembles identities from overlapping sources to create a complete view of an individual across channels and devices. Every individual’s data is constantly validated and updated based upon new signals.


Optimized Onboarding

Customers require a clear, speedy and transparent method to fully leverage their first-party date and target their consumers online. connects your first party data with our online data (HEMs, MAIDS, Cookies, etc.) helping you create superior targeting and accurately analyze campaign results.

Accurate Targeting

PID’s identity graph ensures that the right message reaches the correct consumer.  PID  helps you reach your audiences online, and activate them real-time for a consistent and personalized customer journey. PID cleans, filters matches and verifies the billions of data signals we receive each month to deliver accuracy and uplift to our customers.

Data- First Decisions

Marketers and brands need a reliable, consistent and transparent way to leverage unlock the full potential of their first-party data and effectively target them in real time wherever they are active. connects CRM data with our graph of cookies, hashed emails and mobile ids to provide insights about each individual customer and segment and effectively target them.

Cross- Device Recognition has the ability to identify multiple devices accessed by a single user allowing advertisers the ability to retarget users on any type of device. Reach your prospects on their PC on Monday, connected TV on Tuesday, smartphone on Wednesday, tablet on Friday, and again on their PC on Sunday.