Universal Data Policy

Universal Data Agreement

Effective Date: March 08, 2024


1. Introduction


By clicking “I Accept,” you, the user, agree to the terms of this Universal Data Agreement (the “Agreement”) with Persistent.ID Analytics, Inc. (“Persistent.ID”). This Agreement governs your provision of data (the “User Data”) to Persistent.ID for the purpose of data testing, analysis, and enhancement with Persistent.ID Data (the “Services”).


2. Data Transfer and Security


2.1 Transfer Method: You agree to deliver User Data to Persistent.ID through secure data file transfer, API connection, or other methods as may be agreed upon. Persistent.ID commits to performing the Services in accordance with the details specified upon your data submission.


2.2 Security Measures: Persistent.ID will maintain appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect the security, confidentiality, and integrity of your User Data. These measures are designed to prevent unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of your User Data.


3. Ownership and Rights


3.1 Your Rights: You retain full ownership of the User Data provided to Persistent.ID. Your provision of User Data does not confer to Persistent.ID any license or rights beyond those necessary to perform the Services.


3.2 Persistent.ID’s Rights: Persistent.ID retains all rights, title, and interest in and to the Persistent.ID Data and any data generated as a result of the Services, excluding User Data.


4. Data Use and Deletion


4.1 Use of Data: Persistent.ID will use the User Data solely for the purpose of providing the Services, including data analysis and enhancement. Persistent.ID will not use User Data for any other purpose without your explicit consent.


4.2 Data Deletion: Upon completion of the Services or termination of this Agreement, Persistent.ID will delete all User Data in its possession and confirm the deletion via email.


5. Compliance and Liability


5.1 Compliance: Both parties will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances related to data privacy and protection.


5.2 Liability: Persistent.ID limits its liability according to the maximum extent permitted by law for any damages arising from the use of the Services.


6. Acceptance


By clicking “I Accept,” you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.


7. Modification


Persistent.ID reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time. You will be notified of any changes, and your continued use of the Services after such notification will constitute your acceptance of the modified terms.