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About Us provides identity resolution technology services with the largest customer permissioned (U.S. based) email and digital identity graph in the industry. We convert unknown users’ online activity into accurate and actionable audiences in real-time
Marketers use our real-time identity resolution technology to identify anonymous website visitors and exponentially grow their addressable markets. You can capture the attention of your anonymous traffic and lift your customers’ monthly sales.
We are headquartered in the Boston area with offices in NYC, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. is transparent and compliant by design treats consumer data with the respect it deserves. We believe simple compliance is not enough and that we must develop tools that facilitate advertising while providing consumer control. We embedded CCPA, DMA, DAA, NAI and IAB privacy requirements along with local, regional and international data protection regulations.

Our Origins

For years, has worked with key strategic channel partners (web hosting companies, POS vendors, affinity marketers and networks) to create direct relationships with  hundreds of thousands of smaller web and app publishers with highly engaged users. Through our partners, we have exclusive access to their consumers’ data. We see the same consumers across our network and collect billions of data signals in real-time to accurately identify and resolve consumer identity. The frequent validations of the data allows us to provide you with high quality linkages and improved performance of identity resolution.

Our Mission

The marketing data ecosystem is built upon a crumbling facade. The third-party cookie, started as a hack, has grown into the underpinnings of audience targeting.  As we all know, the third-party cookie is now dying a slow death. is focussed on building a new model based upon consumer consent. It’s your data! Our mission is to connect consumers with brands that truly interest them to enhance their user experience. We want to place the power of their experience back in their hands. We provide you with accurate data to show the right message to the right person at the right time. In a world of fragmented devices, identity, interests and attention, provides an accurate, simple, and transparent identity solution for email service providers, marketers, advertisers, brands and agencies.

As long as we provide clarity and simplicity, consumers understand the trade between information in exchange for free access to content.We believe that most consumers understand the basic trade between providing information in exchange for free access to content.

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Our Team offers proven results and success through our strengthened data partnerships. Our team is not only passionate about the data but also business development to ensure our partners stay ahead of the curve. We specialize in crafting excellent business development strategies and growth plans specific to your company’s requirements, needs and requests.

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Smart people. Strong data. Seriously Amazing Culture.

Working at means working with people who always want to learn on projects that excite, deconstruct and reshape our thinking. We’re here to solve real problems that take serious applied and theoretical skills because the data we deal with is noisy and contradictory. We pride ourselves on applying the right tools to the right tasks. Consequently, we use a wide variety of technologies ranging from those that are well established to some that are new and cutting edge.
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