We understand how you feel. Data testing is a pain and time consuming. Big talk, low match rates and a bunch of mumbo jumbo. So you’re left irritated, bemused and confused of who to test and what it’s worth.

We decided to put our money where our mouth is. If we’re so confident our ID match rate is so great, why not show our uniqueness the way business people want it? Introducing DistincTest. The world’s first data match test with built-in simplicity and a guaranteed 10,000,000 unique identities*.

Designed by really smart and busy business people, created for the busy 
and really, really smart business person, just like you.

♦100% satisfaction guarantee

♦25% or more uniqueness

♦Transparent reporting in Real Time

♦Quick and easy results within 48 hours

♦BatchMatch™ testing data fastest

Guaranteed 10M matches on 1st month*